A Little Bit of Comedy

This week is a change of pace. With November underway, I thought we could move away from the scary and get into funnier podcasts. That being said, this podcast isn’t one of those joke after joke ones that keep you laughing until you cry. This podcast has a way of sliding in jokes while discussing real topics, in Bert’s unique, direct way.

I found this podcast while browsing through the entertainment section. After all the scary podcasts recently, I thought a lighter one would be better. And, I was getting burnt out on the ones I already follow. (Sometimes you just need a change of pace.)

So, I gave Bertcast’s Podcast a try, and I think it is great. He talks about real life topics while bringing his rough humor to it. It’s like having a conversation about random stuff with your friends. It was exactly what I needed after the end of spooky season.

by Bert Kreischer

This podcast is definitely worth a listen. It is casual humor that will make you laugh. I mean, look at that cover art! That’s basically what is in store for you. So, don’t miss out! Give him a listen! He even has guests on occasionally, and they discuss some interesting stuff.

He also has a Netflix special out right now where he is also shirtless for the entirety of the show. (I am not sure why he feels he needs to be shirtless, but hey. It adds to the entertainment factor.)

You can find him pretty much anywhere, just like with all my others!

5 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Comedy

  1. My fiancé loves watching his cooking show, “Somethings Burning”. I find him funny about half the time lol, but I know a lot of people enjoy his comedy.


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