Curiosity Killed The Cat

This week I have been listening to Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. I stumbled across this podcast not too long ago, and I had to add it.


I’m sure many of you have seen Netflix’s Queer Eye show. Jonathan is a member of the Fab Five, and he typically manages the grooming of the person they are helping. He is funny and dramatic and all around great to watch. If podcasts really aren’t your thing and binge watching is, give this show a chance. You’ll love it.

Jonathan working with Tom in episode 1.

Back to the podcast now. Because I watched Queer Eye I decided this podcast deserved a chance. It didn’t let me down. Every episode Jonathan tackles a new question. He brings on experts and others to discuss the questions in great detail. He strives to get to the bottom of whatever he is after, and it’s great to listen to. He is just as dramatic here as he is in the show. This podcast would fall in the entertainment/educational category. It is a great listen, and you learn something.

I definitely recommend this podcast. If you are feeling curious about anything, he has probably tackled the question. It is worth a listen even if you aren’t particularly curious about anything. It is a fun way to learn random things either way. I am going to keep listening, so check it out with me!

It is available everywhere, as usual. I have linked it to Spotify. I also included a link to Netflix, so you can check out the show as well!


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