It’s A Bit Chilly

Continuing with last week’s crime podcast theme, I have another one for you! This week’s is brand new with only three episodes. Thanks to Spotify, I uncovered this new gem easily. (Seriously, I love listening to podcasts on Spotify in case you haven’t noticed.)

I really like crime podcasts. Analyzing the crime, hearing the motivations… It’s crazy that people can commit such heinous crimes. I guess that’s why we listen to them. It reminds us we are normal. (Somewhat normal.)

The podcast is called ColdIt investigated the disappearance of Susan Powell, analyzing her husband and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. It is believed she was murdered, but they still haven’t found her body. This happened in 2009.

by KSL Podcasts

Even though this podcast is fairly new, it is still worth a listen if you like to analyze crimes. By focusing on this one case, Cold is able to analyze in detail what Susan’s life was like before she disappeared, what happened after her disappearance, and who may have been involved. Her husband was the prime suspect! (Are we really surprised by that, though?)

It has only just begun, so they have not dived to deep into the case yet. Join in and listen with me as they work to understand how Susan Powell vanished in 2009.

I have linked it to Spotify, as always. (Seriously, I love listening to podcasts on Spotify.) It is available on most podcast listening services from what I can tell. So, whichever streaming service you use for listening to podcasts, check it out!

7 thoughts on “It’s A Bit Chilly

  1. That’s awesome! I love to listening to crime cases. I would definitely need to check this out!! Thanks for your tip!


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