Folktales Come to Life

by Aaron Mahnke

I actually discovered this podcast through a TV show based off of it. It airs on Amazon Prime and is also called Lore. Aaron Mahnke narrates the show as well. The show followed the same layout of the podcast: a narration of stories explaining how we developed superstitions and dark fears. The show, obviously, was more graphic with actors being forced to do unspeakable acts, like digging up dead children and grounding their hearts and liver into a tonic…

So, you can imagine I turned that off pretty quickly. The tonic was supposed to be a way to battle Consumption, but of course it did not work. (Sorry for the spoiler, but that’s only the first episode!)

I discovered this podcast the other day while browsing and learned it actually had come first. The show had been an adaptation of it. I found the podcast easier to listen to because I couldn’t actually see a man grounding up his daughter’s heart and liver and forcing it down his son’s throat… (I might be slightly traumatized.) It doesn’t make this podcast any less creepy, though.

Lore dives into the root of our fears and explains how they developed. It is unnerving to learn where the tales, like that of fairies or vampires, come from. This podcast is not super scary compared to the last few I’ve listened to, but it will leave your skin crawling and you asking why. How we created such elaborate, startling stories is crazy. You will have a deeper understanding of where your fears come from after listening to this podcast.

You can find it on all podcast listening service. It is definitely worth a listen.

Check out Episode 50: Mary, Mary








5 thoughts on “Folktales Come to Life

  1. I’ve been wanting to get into podcasts but I haven’t really known where to start. I’m not really into sports, religion, or super girly things. This one sounds really interesting! I might check it out


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