Definitely Won’t Be Sleeping Now…

It is finally October! Yay! I love this month with all of the haunted houses, ghost stories, and fun costumes that come along with Halloween. For the second week of my haunted podcast reviews, I have found a bone-chilling podcast. I hope you are as scared I am after listening to it.

The Nosleep Podcast is a story-telling podcast that brings your worst fears to life. The narrators read stories submitted from listeners, using rich atmospheric music to bring them to life. They do this too well. The stories are too real, too spooky. I can only listen to an episode or two at a time, but I am also a wuss, so you might fair better.

The very first episode chilled me. There are two stories, and the first one is creepy as hell. The second one, well I related a little to it, and that was another level of scared. He tells a story about a dog seeing an unknown entity and the events that followed… My dog has been doing this recently. I couldn’t even finished this episode in one go. I was too afraid it might leak into my nightmares, or my dog and I might somehow experience this.

This podcast embodies everything I love about Halloween, but I am also reminded how much of a baby I am, too. Be brave. Give this podcast a listen, but maybe before dark…


As usual, it is a podcast located on Spotify and iTunes and any other possible source you can listen in on.


9 thoughts on “Definitely Won’t Be Sleeping Now…

  1. I love listening to a show on the radio that has people email them about their paranormal stories. It’s just so fascinating how good the stories are. the funny thing is I am not the one for scary things.


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