Let’s Learn Something

As a college student, my brain is often fried. Learn, learn, learn. I feel like all I have been doing lately is studying and turning in assignments. (It’s like some professors try to drown you in assignments or something with the workload the last semester.) But, even after all that information overload, I still like to listen to this podcast.

npr_ted_podcasttile_sq-f924b1a84a189479b7555a19b030778d88ee55f5-s800-c85Ted Radio Hour is an educational podcast covering a variety of topics. There is an episode for everyone, and you will always take away a good dose of information. This is my go-to, long-distance driving podcast because I feel like that is the best way for me to soak up the information. Most episodes are about an hour, and I like to hear them all the way through in one go.

This isn’t a podcast where I turn it on and let episode after episode play. I would definitely fall asleep. How I listen is I pick a few different episodes that I think will be interesting and add them to the queue. I am not interested in every episode. Not all the topics appeal to me. By doing this, I learn about things I am curious about and skip the more boring options. It keeps me from losing interest in this podcast.

Ted Radio Hour can be found on Spotify, where I link every podcast to, and iTunes among others.

This is definitely a good podcast. If you have some time and feel like learning something new and interesting, give it a listen.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Learn Something

  1. I watch a lot of their speakers on youtube. They are so fun to listen to. Couple of people that I listen to talk about how they reply to spam emails. He mostly does it for comedy but it is fun to watch the other person try so hard to get his information.


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