Podcast of the Week!

I had been digging through loads of podcasts, looking for something fun to listen to, when I came across this one. (I had no idea there were so many podcasts out there now!) Why Won’t You Date Me? with Nicole Byer caught my eye because I loved Nicole on Girl Code and Netflix’s Nailed It series. She’s funny and not afraid to say anything, so I knew this was going to be a great podcast.

Image result for why won't you date me? with nicole byer

She proved me right. Her comedy podcast is not short on laughs. She and her guest reminisce, examine the root of her singleness, and discuss her dating profiles. Many of her guests are previous sexual partners, so there is a unique edge to their conversations that add an extra level of humor to their convo. Nicole even mentions her therapist periodically, and the comments that come from her mouth are hysterical.

For a podcast that is not even a year old, she has a large following, so that alone can attest to her hilariousness. She also allows her guests to promote themselves when they come on, so she is promoting fellow comedians.

You can find her podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and other podcast-listening services. It is a popular podcast, so it can be found almost anywhere. You got an off the wall service? Yep, they have it, too,

My favorite episode is “Wes from Nailed It is here!” The truth about his ‘job’ on the show, graphic DM’s, beautiful hair, and his opinion on her singleness kept me rolling.

This is definitely worth a listen!


3 thoughts on “Podcast of the Week!

  1. I’ve been wanting to start listening to podcasts for a while, but I’m always worried they will bore me. However, the fact that this is a funny one (and I remember this girl from Girl Code) I might actually check it out! Thanks girl


  2. I love podcasts! Always listening to one whenever I need to be distracted or just need to relax. I will definitely check out this podcast, thank you for the tips. And I am very excited to follow your blog!


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